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Sunday, April 27, 2014

When I was a soldier and engaged in Close Combat Support I learned to be on edge and to observe what was going on at and beyond the edges of my vision. This trait, to some extent, has become a permanent ingredient in my composition, making me careful to observe. Couple this with the lack of enough formal education to make one that enjoys learning and you find that, although I extended my education with the taking of several college courses, all on the side, and I realized, when they were plentiful, Newspapers were written to be read by people with a Fifth Grade Reading Level.

As a result, I like many folks with a B.A. or higher can misspell a number of words. I wanted to know why the newspapers, all of them, were written at the Fifth Grade Level and I found that most of the English speaking world was best read at this level. Most novels are published for the fifth grade reading level also because of the market requirements to generate income. For this reason I do my best to not use words such as antidisestablishmentarianism, they make people edgy and distrusting of one. I know that the Internet gives all it's users an instant dictionary but I also know that people dislike having to use it as such with any degree of regularity.

On the Web there is a written and an unwritten code that should always be used. i.e. A sentence written in all caps is seen as shouting. When I am conversing with a group of people, I do not use seventy-five cent words for the same reason I do not use them on the web, people see such usage as either arrogant or as used to start trouble and actually, I do not talk that way. Without my G.E.D. And the college courses I took by mail and community colleges, I have an Eighth Grade Education and my transcript looks rough.

My advice to anyone is to remember what the Bible teaches us, to be humble in all things. Matt. 23:12