There are some difficult teachings that are found in the scriptures. I love to teach them, hoping to help some to understand. I am often found teaching Biblical Marriage and the truth of the existence of an Eternal Hell. One teaching I have felt unable to teach is “Slavery!.” I often see atheists screaming that the Bible teaches that God approves of slavery and I have, in the past, tried to help them to see that the slavery God approves of is not what they think of as slavery.

You should have noticed that even with being slippery with my words I did not offend anyone, thats about to not be true. We see many scriptures in the Bible that speak to the matter of slavery within the Israeli community. The truth is that God did not disapprove in most cases. This is so true that God has purchased us with His Son's own blood. Free men are not purchased, okay? Slaves are!

So let's see if I can make this hole I'm digging deeper. Let's look at what Paul recorded for us to learn in Romans 12:1. Paul wants us to walk up to the Alter of Sacrifice and to put our bodies down there for God's good pleasure. We're not just slaves, bought with a price, we're a living sacrifice if we are serving God. That can sound harsh but he assures us that it is our duty.

On my mother's side my Great Grandmother Davis arrived here from Ireland and she and her children were Bond Slaves. They had to work off the debt before they could be free. If you've observed my signature you've noticed that I announce that I, also, am a Bond Slave. My Granny Davis worked her debt off, I never will. I owe the LORD a debt I cannot repay! Since we are using the scriptures to determine our lot in life, the case can be made for the Jewish custom of forgiving a debt after seven years. There is an addendum to that custom, however. If a slave elected to remain in the Master's service he or she could go to the city gate and have their ear pierced with an awl to mark them as their master's slave forever. The LORD has not asked that of me but if He ever does I will, will you?