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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Proverbs 19:21
Romans 8:28
Jeremiah 29:11
Isaiah 45:6-7
Joshua 1:9

The study of the power of God a truly eye opening study. These five verses were intentionally extracted from the study located at in order to avoid posting an entire study list.

In the world and in the church I am often met with fierce rhetoric declaring my teaching on this matter heretical. I am guilty of, most often, taking the easy way out by asking these folks to read the entire book of Job, please. It appears that I am, today, considered to be unreasonable, asking people to read a whole book of the Bible.

But there is a rule I live by, concerning scripture, "If God had a thing recorded once in the scriptures, we need to pay attention. If God has directed anything be repeated, it is like unto highlighting a critical instruction on a set of Blue Prints or the highlighted path to a delivery point handed to a Driver by his dispatcher. If a thing is retold three times, it is not to be forgotten." The fact that God controls everything is recorded over and over throughout the whole of scripture.

Yet we have in the Church Universal a huge movement declaring that God is not in control of Hell, not in control of ISIS and not in control of my life. This is but one of the proverbial Match Boxes we seek to hold God in inside our pocket and purses. God is without limit, so much so that in my opinion, we do not yet and might never fully understand His unlimited power.