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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The inevitable question hangs tough today, demanding an answer. Millions want to know, “If God is (real), how could He allow such evil? Yesterday, twenty innocent (in the eye of God) little people entered Heaven, never to feel pain again and we, like Job, are left to work this over, trying to wrap our heads around this evil. In the first book of the Bible, we find Gen. 1:26 and we see that God made man in His Image. God is a Spirit being and in no manor human at the point of Creation and that is important to remember here. And in the Bible, we learn that God created all that has been created for “His” pleasure... God has free will and because we are created in the image of God, we have free will. In the first chapters of Genesis we see that free will has good and evil options to work with ad sometimes from. We find early on that God, the Creator, walked with Adam in the cool of the evening. Adam and God both longed for fellowship and both chose to enjoy the other. And in the second chapter, we see God finds that Adam is without a help mate and God removes one of Adam's ribs and creates the most beautiful, perfect vision of a woman and rings her to Adam to wed. God's free will is always perfect and His actions are always time just right. Adam was alone just long enough to know that he was incomplete, just long enough to develop the need for his mate. If God had created Eve at the same time He did Adam it is quite possible that Adam might never have realized his deep need need of the fellowship she brought to his life. If Adam had never had the opportunity to realize his need for companionship, he and we might never have had the opportunity to realize that his need was a picture of the free will love God feels for us. (The first three chapters of Genesis cannot be exhaustively taught from the pulpit in a year, maybe two.) The other side of free will is evil! But, you see, without the ability to exercise free will, there can be no love and love is the good every one of us needs. Love is not the product Hollywood pushes onto our children when we fail to live the truth in front of them. What Hollywood is selling is a soft side of evil. No! I did not just call the coupling of a man and his wife evil. However, what is ignored in the church today, the back seat activities of teens and the married but not to each other activities, promoted by Hollywood and Broadway is evil... soft, wanted but evil! And I assure you that you need to study the Book of Job until you can see the love of God that I see there. As bad as it appears, God knew Job's breaking point and He never allowed Satan to push Job that hard. When Job's trial was over and he had learned how strong his faith was, he ws completely restored and he was blessed wit hthe knowledge he would never have gained. The moms and dads are mentally collapsed today and the journey back is very, very hard to travel. When my very best friend took an eighty-one mm in the chest, I was the first to find him and I remember nothing of the following three months other than what I was told I did. The parents of these missing babies do not have an ever present enemy and they are not supplied with a never ending supply of munitions, praise God. They need our tears and our prayers and no, they will not be healed in ninety days and they will not be healed in twenty years. These fellow parents, grandparents, classmates, brothers and sisters are hurt and incomplete until the day they, I pray, go home to Heaven. Please, cease not to pray.
Where in the world to begin? Today the people of Newtown had a visit from Evil. I have a firend with the screen name, Major. Major and I knew Evil and lived with him for a long time. I suspect that, like myself, Major has had his heart ripped out of his chest, once more. Evil murdered 20 children, at least some of them and possibly all of them, Kindergärtners. And to add to the carnage, he murdered 6 adults. I have a number of dreams that refuse to leave me alone and have often awakened my wife with screams for her to get in the damned hole before they kill her. For three tours I lived, ate, drank and slept with Evil and I now live to warn people that they never want to know what I and Major know. You see, as close as we lived to evil for as long as we did, we do not know the horror of the Evil these babes now hold in their precious hearts and it brings tears to my eyes to know it. It is a sad thing but as they gather all the knowledge and as they do all the interviews and as they publish it for us to know, you must understand, neither they, the officials and reporters, nor any of us will ever know the permanent damage done to these babies. Some of the victims will not even become aware of the damage done to them for Decades yet, themselves. My doctors accuse me of being hyper-vigilant because I need to know who is behind me and what they are doing. Some of the Little People will now have this same need and they are to darned young to know the Face of Death and his brother, Evil, these are Small Americans! My call is to prayer. (2Chro. 7:14) I'm not crazy, these evil deeds were never known in this land before I became a man and joined the military. I spent seven years, ten months in the service to my country and when I returned home, it was common to have weekend Sex Parties with fifty people or more attending... pure evil! Our nation and these babies need the prayers of God's people. If you are not indwelt with the Holy Spirit, I, neither, expect you to understand this need nor should you fall on your face and pray, God will not listen to you! On the other hand, there is a small group that, like myself, live with the guiding hand of the Spirit of God, and now is the time for us to pray for the hand of God to be on these babes, their parents, the teachers, the police and our nation, please pray without ceasing.