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Saturday, April 8, 2017

The United States has had a coward or an Islamist for president these past eight years, I know not which but the pendulum is swinging back from the Marxism we were headed into and is moving closer the Conservative Capitalist position.  A lot of Snowflakes, as they are known, are now in melt down mode.

If a man or a woman will trust God and believe in Him, most forms of government are alright with the Christian because we do not live here, anyway.  Some are scared because we, now, have a president that believes in America and is willing to stand up for Christian values, the values that built this nation.

If we will read the Bible, the Inspired Word of God, we find in 2Chro 7:14 a truth we once did and today must embrace ib our lives again.  We once held God sacred and if we will return our lives to Him He will heal our nation.