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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The past is sometimes a strange thing and it often is unpleasant. One instance of this was shown in the Korean Action of the 1950s. The men that returned from that conflict, often, committed suicide, not so much because of what happened in war but, more so, according to a couple of the survivors I was kin to, the way the American People treated them on their return. In like manor, a couple of my friends that survived the Vietnam Summer Vacation have terminated their lives because of the manor in which the American People treated and remembered them.

Most of us have long ago given the bitterness over to the hopelessness it is in reality. We that served are a proud lot, as a whole. We did what was required of us and every one of us knew we were defending South Vietnam to put a halt on the growth of the now, failed Soviet Union and the growth of Communist China. Is was and it is a noble endeavor that free people engage in and pay for with their lives in many cases.

Is there a, possible, correction for what has passed by? Yes, there is. Just as Lyndon Johnson set the soldier of Vietnam up for failure, Barrak Obama has set the young men of the present military up for condemnation... don't fall into the trap of convenience. If you, truly, want to express your gratitude to the remaining Viet Vets and the small number of surviving Korea Vets, treat these young heroes like the honorable young men that they are and we will bask in that and that will mean everything to us. In this you can begin the healing of America.