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Sunday, April 20, 2014

A couple of years ago I hated Pit Bulldogs and told anyone that I believed the governments needed to declare open season on them.  And then I was introduced to Zechariah.  She is a rescue dog and has a number of scars from the Pit on her head and body and to be frank and completely honest I was not, all that, comfortable with this dog being close to me, and it is living with the grandkids?

She had that tail, just, a movin' and laid her head in my lap, totally submissive.  Every time I go to visit the kids she makes sure to kiss me before or as I enter the house and as big and as strong as she is, coupled with the way she loves those boys, I never see anybody attacking them when she is with them and that is, such, a comfort in this world we live in.

And you say, "But  Pit Bulls attack and kill children and old folks all the time."  And I must admit, that is true so we need to look at why.  These dogs when rescued and when raised in a house where they are loved and expected to love, that is what they do.  They are never tied to a short chain and tormented to make them mad when they are raised like other dogs and, it seems, when they are rescued, there are an incredible number of them that make fantastic Family Pets.

So the issue is, what do we do about the obvious problem?  My two favorites will never be enacted but I wish one or both of them would be.  The first solution I see is a life term in prison and the second is death by the Electric Chair.  But, being practical, not all attacks, not all dog bite result in the death of a child or elderly woman.  So I guess that a lessor sentence for first and second offenders of 15 to 40 years would be reasonable.  Oh, I'm not talking about jailing the dog, they will be killed anyway, I'm seaking of the monsters that train and treat their dogs this way, the humans?

This problem is with the owners and the drunken and high gamblers and not with the dogs.