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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If we take the time to meditate  on the Word of God as and after we read it the Holy Spirit will teach us the Life Application we need to learn at that time.  Inferred here is the truth that the Word of God is the Living Word of God.  Some will scream at you for worshiping the Bible but that is not your, nor is it my, problem.  I have read the Bible a few times in the past twenty-five years and as I read a passage I know well for the lesson God has taught me, He teaches me a new application of the same scripture.  And no, neither one is in error, the two compliment each other and each application shed more light on other scripture a the same time making the Word a never ending exploration map.

In 1Peter 3:7 we learn to love our wives in knowledge.  Now, I gained knowledge of the, then, brand new HU-1 (Huey) by going to school on the aircraft and before I was allowed to place a finger on the craft I studied books.  Only after a nearly full course was I allowed to turn a wrench on, what became, my baby.  After I had spent five years working on the Huey and had turned down a promotion twice that would move me from the Crew Chief position, I was the Senior Crew Chief on the Flight Line and the Senior Mechanic in my short stint in Field Maintenance.

In like manor I wed my Christian Wife, at first I kinew she was a very good lookin' lady and I knew I had her fooled into thinking I was a good man.  Because I have spent the last twenty-four  years studying her I not only love her, I know we will work together in Heaven for the LORD and there is nothing better than living forever with your best friend.

When we look at Deuteronomy 11:19, Proverbs 29:15 and Ephesians 6:4 along with a ton of other scriptures we find, what appear to be, a contradiction in scripture.  On one hand we find that we must not provoke our children to anger and on the other hand we are instructed not to spare the rod.  That is the rod or the belt on the soft padding God put in place for such a thing, their hinny.

I am guilty of being a proponent of corporal punishment but I am also a proponent of long, long. prison terms for those that beat their children.  If you have read this far you understand that I can generate a lot of anger and a good deal of it inside the Church.  This generation's parents, seriously, need to learn to compare the lessons being taught from the pulpit wit what God has said and to learn to ignore the government when their word is in conflict with your God's words.