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Monday, May 12, 2014

Angels And Sex, What A Topic

I have discussed Genesis 6:4 (The [1] Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them: the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.) until I have gotten blue in the face.

I, some years back, became so engrossed with understanding this verse that I prayed over it after the Holy Spirit had shown me the truth of it. Why?  I needed to be able, not to explain it for anyone's sake, but rather, I need the ability to send others seeking the truth from the Holy Spirit.  For this I was led by the Spirit to do some research on the customs of ancient Hebrews.  I found that if we know that it was customary for the Hebrew man to consider himself a Son of God this scripture can lose a great deal of it's possibility to be corkscrewed by the Lost Man.

I did not record my research and cannot give anyone the bibliography to follow where the Spirit led me, you will need to approach the Holy Spirit or spend the time, probably hours, in the local library to discover what I am saying. So, what about the Daughters on Men? We must remember that the, so called, Noahdic flood has not, yet, occurred and Cain, for his sin against God, has been exiled. My adventure into the ancient customs taught me the sons and daughters, descended from Cain were known as the sons and daughters of man.

Why God chose to bless the union of Seth's and Cain's descendants with giants when they broke ranks and bred one another I have never cared to examine and I will not trouble my LORD over a reason I do not need to know. But let's examine what I have received from the Spirit of God about the situation these scriptures present.

God and the angels are Spirit beings and from this point we must be very careful because it is, far, to easy to make a mistake and to fall into heresy. As we search the scriptures we do not find an angel appearing to man without a mission God has sent them on. i.e. When Daniel Fasted and Prayed for an answer God dispatched one angel that was detained by Satan's Demon so God dispatched another. The first was involved in a Spiritual battle and the second, Michael, came to fight the Spiritual Prince of evil as the first angel, after 21 days of battle, completed his or it's (your preference) mission, again in the spirit.

God does grant angels a body men can see, He did so in the case Abram and Lot and that is, indeed an important matter to consider. First thing to remember, God has no part with evil. God cannot be fooled because of His foreknowledge of all of His creation. Angel and fallen angels/demons cannot appear in bodily form except God grant them a body to do so. God will not allow evil for the sake of evil and once again I return to the book of Job. Satan was granted permission to harm Job, more specifically, Satan was granted permission to test Job.

God knew what Job would do and God knew job was faithful but Job had no idea what he would do under the circumstances Satan presented him with respect to God. God does not want people that are unsure of themselves. 365 times, one for each day of the year God has taught us to fear not in His Word. (search for it and you should find ) After reading the Bible through a few times I would suggest to you that God allows testing, not for the purpose of Him finding out how we are doing, no, God allows testing that we might recognize and that we might know our strengths.

The same is true of our dealing with the understanding of scripture.