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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Knowing God!

...I have noticed in the past 18+ years that folks tend to be very skeptical when it comes to matters concerning God and the scriptures and I see a great deal of confusion running rampant, even inside the walls of the church building. This is a sad commentary when King David has made it so clear in Psalm 19 that the revelation of God, His glory and even His power can be seen and experienced every day of our lives. I will confess to having seen the glory of God in a manor that is not available to most of the world. There is no more majestic and ever changing view of God's creative powers than from the Pilot's or the co-pilot's seat of a small aircraft. I can easily and I do feel sorry for everyone that has not flown some small craft over the world at the various times of the day because not only do you see the majesty He has wrought, He actually flies with you and the experience is one that cannot be duplicated.

...But that is not the only way to see the handiwork of God. Most of you can take a car trip to the Rockies, the Alps or another of the many mountain ranges of the world and from there view the world from a lofty perspective. Just after I began flying with the US Army I had the opportunity to cross Love Pass in Colorado while on my way to my new duty station in Georgia. The world is a majestic thing to observe from over twelve thousand feet above the sea. But you don't even need to go that far. My wife and my sister-in-law fell in love with God's ocean one day as we went deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. There was a hurricane in the Gulf that was not headed for us but the seas were fifteen foot that day. As the sixty-five foot boat pushed out a hundred miles the waves were cut in half by the deep “v” hull and the water rolled from the bow to the stern as we pushed deeper into the Gulf. My sister-in-law learned that day why her, just passed, husband loved the ocean and why it spoke of God to him more than most things did. But it is simpler than that. Just pour a glass or a cup of your favorite beverage, sit on the porch and watch and listen to the birds. God knows the position an the condition of every Sparrow and He cares much more about you.

... I have lived such a life that I have often been called a liar for the telling of it, God has truly blessed me. But a man or a woman need not live the way I did to enjoy God. God stands at the door knocking, He has a plan for everyone of us and the only reason we do not have is because we ask amiss or we never ask. We ask amiss because we do not study to know God and when we do not ask at all it is because we lack faith. Studying the scriptures, these past 18 years, has drawn me ever closer to God and the closer I move towards Him, the stronger my faith becomes.

... My “formula” for knowing God? There is none! With prayer and prayerful study you will find growth in your faith and you will feel God reach out and touch you. When that happens you will cry great tears of joy and you, a grown man, will not feel any shame, God will be right there with you!