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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eph. 5:17-18

... Before I begin, I have prayerfully considered this post since the other string on marijuana began. From reading that, very, left leaning string on paying for medical help to getting high, I have been praying for some of the posters there. As a Recovered Alcoholic/rail running, pill popping, needle pushing, dope smoking Junkie, I am qualified to say what God has put on my heart. I already know that some of you have already had your toes stepped on by the Spirit of God, about this, before I ever begin. I cannot apologize for obeying my LORD and allowing Him to deliver one more tweaking surge of irritation to force you to follow Him in all things.
... To begin with I have over sixty scars on my Spinal Column, Brain Stem and Brain and I know pain, we hang out a lot! As of this point, almost forty years into RRMS I am refusing Morphine and other narcotics. There is no reason for the drugs that, because of Cancer, my grandfather and my mother turned themselves off with beating the pain. 1Cor. 10 1-14 Just as Paul would not have you blindly follow the blind, neither would I. The scripture is the truth, I awake every morning with crushing pain through-out my limbs, torso, kneck and head. The doctors at the VA have, more than once, offered me some stronger medicine (translated Morphine, a.k.a. highly refined Heroine) and I have, and will, with the strength of my Savior, continue to refuse that drunken stupor.
... In the past I have had folks refuse the wisdom contained in the Eph. 5:17-18 reference and some have characterized their rebellion as rebuking me for being so foolish as to apply this passage to Whiskey and Drugs. I will not be surprised to see that unprayed for attempt here also. i would ask you in the forums and those on my e-mail list to pray before you light into me. There are a multitude of Scriptures that apply to this issue and a hard copy or a computer volume of the Nave's Topical Bible will yeild an arm full of them
... 1Cor. 8:13 Here we find that Paul, because of His Old Testament knowledge will even go Vegetarian to keep from offending a brother. And we LOL and boast of the benefits of selling a drug that will do nothing more than provide one more legal high and some here will object to my stating that you are calling down upon yourselves the same judgment that the LORD has chosen for the millions of teachers like myself. (James 3:1-6)
... I ask each of you, no matter n the left or on the right, prayerfully consider what you teach! Every time you speak ad every time you post here or elsewhere, you are teaching, whether it be right or wrong.