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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Of the Holy Ghost

General references

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... (The Bible Study is from the Nave's Topical Bible.) With the populrization of televangelism the question of when does one receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit has become a major question. To settle the issue is a very difficult proposition. The number one thing that I always caution folks about is to never allow any verse, removed from it's context, to become a standard they live by. Although there are a few that will disagree, the Bible is the Living Word of God and the author of the entire book is Jesus the Christ. (John 1:1-5) This being the case I submit that the entire Bible fron Genesis through the last Amen of Revelation is the context that any verseis found to be in. This, of course, means that we need to read the entire book, just as it is published, at least once in our lives. Twice is better and so on.

... This subject, being a hot spot, is much debated and seldom referenced to the entirety of scripture. If this post follows form there will be a few that, rather than agree to disagree, will want to hotly contest my findings from my studies since Jan. 1990. Since the timing of the receiving of the Spirit of God is not a salvation issue (there is another point of contention) there will be few disparaging comments that I will reply to, what the Word of God say, it says!

... The Bible backs up what I am about to relate from my life and hence the short Bible study at the beginning. From November of 1967 the Holy Spirit troubled my soul to be saved and I put it off until January 1, 1990. It's tough to get away from God when he is beside you, behind you and in front of you, every time you move. I tried for every day of every one of those years to get away, not realizing that I was marked by God for His purpose. Why is not important here, what is, is the events that occurred on stage that New Years morning, just after Midnight, bar time.

... In the middle of singing in the New Year for the drunks the Holy Spirit overwhelmed me and ended my performance and all my attempts at a career in Country Music. The Holy Spirit of God indwelt me from that moment forward. I was in church as so as I could find the door open and I was baptized just before my 45th birthday, the 25th of that month. From that moment on stage I have been being filled with the Holy Spirit and the most important things in my life changed completely because I sought to be obedient and thirsted after the continued in filling of the Holy Spirit.

... In short I was baptized with the Holy Spirit of God before I was obedient and was dunked in the ater as a public testimony of my decision. I did not come away speaking in tongues, all of the gifts are not for everyone. Hold firm to your faith and study your Bible, it holds all the answers.