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Saturday, January 17, 2009


... I have a good friend that, like myself, teaches lost men anywhere he is allowed. The one thing we are faithfully promised for our efforts is rejection. Jeff Mills, missionary, from England, on the field in Guatemala, must leave his wife and adopted daughter, alone in a foreign land to go solicit funding for the work he has committed to do for God. He does this in spite of the fact that most of the people he will speak to will either openly reject what he says as fool's talk and in spite of the fact that he is a man with a combat damaged body that keeps him in pain. That pain from the honor we once cherished so much that we put ourselves in harm's way are enough to make us life long brothers.
... Another common thread for Jeff and myself is the fact that we did not just accept the idea that the universe just sprang into existence without cause and in not accepting that, rather silly, notion sought after the answer in the, unseen, spiritual realm. I did this, rather suddenly, one morning after my best friend was blown to pieces by an enemy mortar and realized that there must be an answer that I could not fathom. It was there, in the middle of a dirt road, in the middle of a combat zone that God first spoke to me. My first reaction was to get away from Him because I knew that He was there and I knew that I was a drunken, woman chasing soldier that any god would refuse to accept.
... I was wrong! God hung out with me for the next 23 years, until I finally sought after the reason. When I learned that God loved me so much that all I had to do was to change my direction, repent, and He would give to me eternal life instead of eternal Hell, I fell on my knees and swore to serve Him, no matter the circumstance. From that time until this I have heard those steel bars lock me inside the prisons with cop killers, rapists and every other manor of criminal and did not fear, I was in His hands.
... So why do we place ourselves in the line for being made fun of and being openly rejected as foolish? Because more often than we have any right to expect it God, our Heavenly Father uses us to open the spiritual eyes of a lost man or a lost woman and we know that this person has chosen life, eternal life and that is our reward. Just as we once fought against cruel and mean people we are still at war, fighting against Satan and eternal death.