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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Matt. 6:24

... It is a funny world that we live in today. The social system that we live in today has, in most of the world, changed but not as much as we like to imagine. In the New Testament times the Romans dominated the world and whole families might be slaves to one man. In our world today we, generally, have smaller families but they might each one of them belong to a different master. The husband might be a Mixer Operator for Texas Industries, the wife might be a Machine Operator for Toshiba, The son a supervisor for a small company and the daughter might be a Cosmetic Supplier for a major, nation-wide company but just as the “slaves” in the scriptures worked to earn their keep, so it is today. We are even commanded to give our masters their due.
... When I was young I went into the business of building and remodeling homes for people. My thought at the time was that I was tired of working for someone else and seeing them profit from my labor. I, on this premise, went into business, for myself. Of course reality soon seated itself. Not only had I traded a single master for many but there were additional problems that I had not fore seen.
... As the contractor, I was responsible to everyone of my customers, their slave, for the work that was being accomplished, in their behalf. Where, when working for a single master I had tended to blow off much of what he said, I had to pay very close attention to what each of my customers required in order to be payed and to stay out of court. These, many, masters were always pulling at me to get their way.
... Now, added to all this additional headache were the men that worked with and for me. There was always Christmas for their children, the health of their wives, getting them to work with a hang over, keeping them out of jail and a limitless number of other head-aches. It was soon apparent to me that no man has ever worked for himself.
... So it is odd to this old man that people have such a problem accepting the fact that in the Spiritual Realm we serve a Master also. It is a much simpler choice for one to make because there are only two such beings to choose from, we either serve Satan or we serve God. And of course the most popular response to this situation is that there is no proof for such a circumstance and that is, of course, correct if you discount the lack of evidence and the negative being a grand cause to closely examine that lack.
... Upon close examination both the popular Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution have absolutely no supporting evidence that has stood the test of time. If, after better than 150 years of intensive examination, the Theory of Evolution has not turned up, even, one supported piece of evidence, it is, surely, an indicator that there is not a reason to support such an idea. Then, when we look at the case for the Big Bang idea, we are surely saddened by the insistence of a scientifically irrational idea. Since the scripture teaches us that man, originally, lived around a thousand years it is reasonable to say that based on scripture that man has likely been looking for the scientific origin of the world for better than 4,000 years and if you base you ideology on the unsupported claims of science it is possible that men have sought after the origin of the Earth for tens of thousands of years and still no support for the Big Bang Theory.
... At some point, many, like myself look at what science refuses to examine, a Spiritual answer and all that I know of that have seriously taken the claims of the scriptures to heart and have tested God in the ways described by God in His Holy Book have converted. We have found the proof positive that the world and everything seen has been created by the Living God. It just seems to me that if a man is not driven to examine this thing as closely as is possible by the utter lack of any other answer that his master, Satan, has blinded him. There are but I pray that there be not many that this is true of.