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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christian Computers, page 2

... Not long ago I did an article, titled Christian Computers, and while the reactions were swift they were far to often negative and exactly the opposite of what one should expect from a community of Christian brethren. One such comment, from a person that shall, forever, remain nameless, was to the effect that when he saw the title of the article that his first thought was of poorly built and very old computers. As the servants of our LORD we are commanded to do all we do as unto the Lord our God, Himself. (Col. 3:17)
... If a man will apply that command to his daily life, from moment to moment it will effect every decision that he makes, from the tithe he renders on Sunday to the pair of socks he put on on Monday morning. My primary thrust in the previous article was that we should never do the dishonorable as is so very common in Christian circles today. To many Christians are running illegal Windows operating systems on them and it is not only Spiritually disadvantageous it is from a worldly stand point foolish.
... I understand that most of you do not have the slightest idea of what a Kernel is once you get past a roasted ear of corn but without this gem your computer does you no good what-so-ever. Suffice it to say for this article that you have one in your operating system, whether it be Windows, Mac or one of the hundreds of flavors of Linux/Unix. This is important to you for only one reason, the Windows Kernel and the way it is written is the reason Windows Computers are attacked by virus'.
... So you ask, “Does Linux ever suffer from a virus attack?” The true answer must be an unqualified “yes.” The 1996 attack caused the Kernel to be rewritten and there-by prevent future attacks. This rewrite has been continuous, from that time until now, to stay ahead of the writers of the virus'. In the last year I have updated, by automatic update, from version 2.6.18-xx to 2.6.27-7. So you see there is a very good reason that the Linux systems never are attacked. When the Linux people find a hole that can be exploited they plug that hole.
... So, from a worldly standpoint it would make perfect sense to use one of the Linux systems because your data will not be corrupted or lost because of some outside, unknown source. But then there is the ever present lie that is pushed by IT's that are hooked on Windows, “Only Computer Geeks and nerds that like the command line can use a Linux system.” Since MS has a patent on every innovation they have ever developed, including the latest Spyware to see what you are doing with you Windows unit, one is left to wonder why Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu and many other systems are also point and click because the code that allows that to be is legally freeware and yet MS is supposedly the only system using it.
... That's right, Ubuntu, the system I use on my computers at home, the same system I have been building all the new computers for other folks, customers and friends, is not only safe, it has a learning curve that is practically a flat curve for anyone that can use a Windows machine. Add to those points that the system is totally free and you never need to be stuck with the antique system of Win 98SE o Win 2000 in order to use a modern operating system and suddenly your new, custom built computer that was built for five hundred by yourself or for six-fifty by your local tech that could not be purchased for three times the cash is a God honoring legal machine.
... There is another very important point. When we buy our young people their new units for school we will always, except for the richest of us, compromise on the software we purchase for them. Most of us settle for the much less expensive student's version of MS Office or at best get the student the Home Office version. Ubuntu comes loaded on the Install disk with a MS Word compatible Pro Version Office Suite. And then when you consider that there are over four thousand programs that the user just points and clicks, when on line, to install and they are every-one of them free, there should never be a question in the Christians mind about what he or she should do for their next computer.
... And last of all, you need no knowledge of computers to install Ubuntu on you Windows computer to have a duel booting computer as long as you remember to install windows first. Windows will hide your Ubuntu but Ubuntu will give you the option to use either system.