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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christian Computers

... I will forever admit that I am considered a brash individual because I tend to say exactly what I mean without trying to be politically correct. With that known I tell you today that it is absurd the number of Christians that waste their resources by buying a computer with a Windows operating system on it. Then these same people, the parents of tomorrow's Presidents, Prime Ministers, Worship Leaders and Pastors turn their impressionable children loose on the Internet. But, some of you object, I put software on it to keep them safe. I'll resort to my Greek here and give you a loud, Baloney!
... Dell Computers now sells their units with the option of installing Ubuntu and there-by spending less for your new computer and if you have an old unit that has died a horrible death it is very likely that you are guilty of the same slackness that 95% of the world is guilty of and that there is, most likely, nothing wrong with your old computer. I revive discarded units every day by turning them on and inserting an Ubuntu disk and installing Ubuntu or UbuntuCE over the corrupted Windows system.
... UbuntuCE is the Christian Edition of the point and click operating system that is written by Christians for Christians. The learning curve of this system is almost flat for the Windows operator. It is so widely accepted now that when I called AT&T Tech. Support last evening they said that's great when I told them my operating system. The tech. said that they were supporting Ubuntu because it was so very much like XP.
... I will tell you that not only is Microsoft so concerned that they have agreed to support XP for an additional 5 years because of the rapidly increasing popularity of Ubuntu. The OS is not the only thing that is free. The system comes with a Professional Quality Office system, preinstalled. Add to that the truth that the system will run most of your MS software but installing the free program named Wine and it hardly seems important that there are over four thousand programs that will do anything that Windows software will do and now I'm going to hurt you, they are all free and you just point and click while conected to the Internet and they are installed.
... So, why did I rag on parents? UbuntuCE is equiped with a feature known as Dan's Guardian that your children cannot defeat as long as you are the Administrator and refuse to give them your log-in and password. Your children are as safe as you wish them to be on that computer.
... Where do you download these remarkable systems? You will download UbuntuCE at and Ubuntu at .