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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who do you trust?

... We are living in, perhaps, the most exciting time ever to be recorded in History, short of the appearance of our LORD in Israel and most Christians are not even aware of it. I do not expect the unbeliever to understand or to recognize that the Rapture is about to occure but the Christian that goes to church every Sunday and to Prayer Meeting on Wednesday should roll out of the bed every morning with the thought that this would be a great day to go home because so much has happened and it could occure before I finish writing this article or before you finish reading it.
... Ezekiel 37 and 38 and 39 are the chapters that I will basing my comments on and they are such exciting chapters to read. In Chapter 37, verses 1 thru 14 we see that God is bringing to life, Israel, even though they are a nation no more. In 1948 God did exactly that and Israel was a nation again, in one, single, day. Now in verses 15 thru 22 we are taught that God will do exactly what He has done, The Jewish nations are now one nation and the faithful have been assembled from every nation in the world to become one united Jewish nation. Verse 23 is such an important one to make note of because the Chosen People of God have been guilty of every sin the other nations have committed but they are being cleansed and will be cleansed by God and by God alone. God is demonstrating His faithfulness, even as we look on.
... In verses 24 thru the last we see the promise of God to the Jew and in the newspapers, right now, we see that promise being fulfilled. In verse 26 we see that God has made a covenant of peace for the nation of Israel and as we look at the history of the People from 1948 through the present, no-one has prevailed against them, even when it was impossible for them to be victorious. God has magnified Himself through Israel, that we, the Christian, might see and the best is yet to come. In chapters 38 and 39 we find Russia and Iran with other allies attacking Israel, to put an end to what God has restored. And it is there that we find what I have coined from the book of the same title, "The Ezekiel Option." The forces that will come up against Israel will be so many that they will be irresistible,except that God defend Israel. He will!
... So, what does this have to do with you? Everything! The Stock Markets around the world are crashing and people are losing thousands and even millions of dollars and find themselves hopeless. And here I sit without any financial hope for any future and yet I am calm and resting in my LORD, giving any time I am presented with the chance. Many are they that will call me a fool and a large number of those are resident in the church. Not God"s Church but they are card carrying members of many denominations. And all I can say to them is that they have missed the whole point and I must pray for them.
... When Abram took his family and left his home to follow God, it was the most irrational action he could have possibly taken. When God had Samuel anoint David as King, usurping Saul it made perfect sense to kill Saul and David was given the opportunity to do so more than once, but David waited on God. When Elijah informed the nation that there would be no rain until he said so, the monarchy put a death warrant out on him. There was no way for him to feed himself and when the brook that God sent him to there was no way for him to even drink water except that God hold true to His word, and he did.
... I fell off the side of my diesel truck a few years ago because the Agent Orange exposure had finally knocked me down and except that God step in, there was no hope for me and my wife. We trusted His promise to care for His servants and we are doing ok. We are not going to the steak house to eat every night and we are not riding in a Rolls Royce but we are taken care of because we have trusted God. I can only beg you, please, trust God!