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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lessons About Trouble

... Living in Southeast Texas there are many object lessons to be learned and God has provided us with so many sources of information that it is difficult to miss the information. All the lessons we will ever need are found in the manuscript left for us by Our Heavenly Father but today I want to look at a source that most of us are close to on a daily basis. My Pastor, Joe Arms, is presently teaching on the location of the God of Elijah and it is a very deep and very good set of sermons on trusting and obeying God, even when it seems to make no sense.
... I'm not going there, instead, look at your dog. We all want the same thing from Phido (somethings about me just prefere Cajun.) First, like God, we want our pet to love us and if it could not do that I would never have the beast around mt children. God can live without human-beings just as we do not need the dog to raise our children but what a blessing it is for that four legged creature to go everywhere our, often, defenseless children go. My wife and I owned a snow white Alaskan Tundra Wolf for almost seventeen years and the very best thing about Sugarbear was that she was willing to die to protect my wife, her master. My question, "Should we, the Children of God, be willing to do less for our Master?" God laid aside all His Divinity and descended to the Earth for no other reason than to give us the key to the door into Heaven. That key is to believe that He died for our sins and as soon as we do that He leads us into repentance. I know because the year I was saved and became a Christian, God worked all that year on me to repent of my sins.
... During Hurricane Ike and particularly, the aftermath, my new pal, Delilah was ever busy demonstrating how we should worship and serve the LORD. Delilah has ranked her humans for their importance and position in her life. She is often cuddled by the women, my wife and my daughter, in my house and for this and other reasons I rank third in importance and that is as it should be. She plays with me but she does not guard me at night and I do not feed her. The second in ranking is my wife, she feeds her but my daughter, Barbara is number one. Delilah sleeps with her, she gives her her baths and she plays with her the most. The dog knows what is important to her. When we had to clean the mess up from Ike's visit, Barb and my wife were saddled with that job because I have been strapped into this wheel chair for the remainder of my time here. Delilah is a Dachshund and a minature to boot. She loves to hunt and kill moles but she is not much of a beast of burden and yet, every night she came in with the ladies, bone tired. One of the girls would pick up the end of a branch and begin to drag it to the fire pile and Delilah would find one small enough for her to move and off she went, right behind them. All she could carry was a twig but she looked, saw what her masters were doing and she did all she could to jion in with them, she want to help. When was the last time you looked to see what your Master was doing and went over to do you part? Are we less important than av dog? Or is God calling us to help Him?