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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Prayer for India Missions

... I received an email today, 10/9/'08 from a dear friend of mine, Jeff Mills, on the field in Guatemala. Being with the Final Harvest Ministries, he is well informed and stays informed about the current events, even when the media does not report on the circumstances. Upon reading his forwarded notice of the mess I searched for a news release on the violence and that is the link I have included.
... In the email from the missionary, on location, he told of bombings, buildings being set on fire and reported how the orphans, rescued from starvation, in the streets, were being sought after to be eliminated by the Hindus. I call on everyone of you to pray for these children and for the missionaries that are fleeing with them to the jungle, seeking God's safety. I do not care if you call yourself liberal or fundamentalist, pray!