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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


General references

See Rich, The; Ambition
Instances of:
Naaman, refusing to wash in Jordan
Hezekiah, in displaying his resources
2Ki_20:13; 2Ch_32:31; Isa_39:2
Est_3:5; Est_5:11; Est_5:13; Est_6:6; Est_7:10
Kings of Tyre
Dan_4:30-34; Dan_5:20 (Naves)

... On the Internet I am often confronted with an arrogance that is unnerving and it often comes from teachers that are naming the name of Christ as their Lord. The above study on pride, a.k.a. arrogance is not meant to be all inclusive even though it is long and thorough. This is the short study on the subject and the long one is one I have repeated more than a couple of times, it requires a meditative reading of the entire Bible.
... This persistent attitude of pride is not seen on Sunday, I hope, but is ever present in the offenders every day life away from the Church. If we go to the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) we find that it is our mission to make converts everywhere we go, all week long. In Gen. 14:14-16, Nehemiah 2:7-9, Matthew 12:10-12, Luke 13:15-16, Acts 2:44-45 and 1 Corinthians 4:5 we find instances, methods, considerations, potential and a warning that all apply to helping or being judgmental of our brother.
... The common rationalization here is that he is not my brother...WRONG!!! When we read Genesis, chapter 1 thru 3 we need go no further. Even the Arab, Osama Bin Laden is our brother. I am not about to teach acceptance of false teaching or those teachers. I do not even teach against war, I am a veteran of one. I will tell you that the first time I killed an enemy soldier, up close, it changed me forever, I had just killed one of my brothers.
... Some will need to understand that I am not teaching against charging a fee for their services, that would contradict the scriptures, now, wouldn't it? On the other hand, neither does the Bible, the Word of God, teach against kindness or Godly acts of mercy. We live, in America, in a society that is not built on but it is destroying itself by running on me, me, me! One of the greatest lessons I learned as a Christian is what a blessing it is to give. If we can ever get over ourselves, drop the haughtiness, and learn to love, we might just begin to look like Christ to the world.