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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A New Year, A New OS

... Windows 3.1 introduced the world to easy computer operations and as a side effect sent all DOS purists into rebellion. A gentleman college student in Europe took the UNIX OS (operating system) and adapted it to Desk-Top usage and there went all the nerds.
... As Linux became more and more popular the user base became more diversified and people began to emulate the, now popular, Windows. point and click,OS. Today, there are folks that wish for a new and better supported OS but they are still running Win. 98 and such because they cannot afford a new computer, nor can they chance being caught running a pirated system.
... The answer is free! At is found a "Get It Now" link in the Nav. Bar on the left of the page. On that page there are two offerings of Ubuntu, versions 9.10 and 8.04.3LTS. These numbers represent the release date, year and then the month. LTS stands for Long Term Support and the truth is that they are both supported for a year and 4 months more before the updates cease.
... In the forth month of next year the next LTS version is released and will be supported for three years and replaced, for those that want it in two. I use the latest version and update my release every 6 months, I love to live on the cutting edge. If you are not a computer nerd I recommend the Hardy Heron a.k.a. v. 8.04.3LTS, it's very stable and very Windows like. If you run into any problems, need advise or just wish to learn about the system there are Ubuntu live forums and mailing lists that are free and offer 24/7 support. Also you may feel free to IM, PM or email me for assistance.