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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Truth vs. The Lie

There is a lie being told today that has crept into the Church, almost, unnoticed. We have folks that call themselves by a number of tags that can easily be summarized with Christian Evolutionist. I am going to step out on a limb that many will take a saw to immediately and tell you that there is no such creature as a Christian Evolutionist and please do not think that I am building a straw man to kill. I went to bed almost two hours ago after having stopped the meditation, study and prayer for my Sunday lesson in Mark and the Spirit of the LORD began to speak to me and to trouble my spirit about this matter and here I am at nearly One a.m. beginning a message from God about Junk Science.

I'm not going to beat the Scientific Community to death with my 25 pound Liberty Study Bible but will instead speak just common sense truth. First of all, for science to have any bearing on the matters of God's realm, it must be fact. Theory, by it's very nature is never fact and that one truth cancels all the “truths” of Evolution right there, it is know as Darwin's Theory of Evolution. The first central truth, presented by Darwin, for his theory to be true is that the single cell is an uncomplicated organism. Every cell in your body carries you complete DNA Code. (Rabbit trail) It is oft taught by Evolutionists that there is living proof in the Chimpanzee because there is only about a three per cent difference between the Chimp and the Human. That's true, the problem is that this three per cent is about three million differences in our DNA Structure.

Now, for man to have evolved the must, of necessity, be a fore runner of the species. This has long been stated to be the Neanderthal creature but DNA Science has proven that to be a lie. There is no demonstrable fore runner of man.

But let's go deeper than that, for evolution to be so important, it just seems reasonable that the Universe originated somewhere at some time. In schools in your neighborhood, right now, The Big Bang is being taught. Since science is demonstrable fact, all I need to be shot down on this one is the creation, by man, of one tiny universe of say, no more than one sun, two planets and a moon around one of them.

You see, to mix theory with the truth of the scriptures is to generate a lie with no substance.