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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Truth, Trust and the Church

... In the past my family has been required to deal with the issues of Truth. Trust and the Future of the Church. Matthew 5:37 is my reference in this matter and while many seem to think this scripture is only applicable to how one answers a question I would submit for your study that this single statement has a much broader scope. I submit that when the light of Exodus 20:16 Thou shalt not bear false witness, that there is a very broad range of our activity that comes under the scope of this passage in the message delivered from the mount on that day.
... Now, bare with me because I am not on a rabbit trail and will tie this together in a few moments. Without the Primaries we will not grow any Juniors and without the juniors there will be no Youth in our churches. If we have no Youth maturing into young adults to go to Seminary we will have no Church. The Children are the future of our churches and without them, God will need to raise up the stones to lead the church into the future.
... When I raised up my namesake I was very careful to never promise him a thing I would not be able to deliver, when I said I would deliver it. That is the principal of let your yes be yes in life application. In the past my family has abandoned our ministry in a church where the director of Children's Ministries was promising the children that if they did a thing and then arrived at the church parking lot at a given time that he would do such and such. When the children would complete their part and show up at the appointed time and place he would tell them that not enough people had completed their work to make the reward worthwhile. Then he would complain that the ministry was not growing and of course he was right and he was the reason.
... If you pull such a lie on adults they will drop you in short order, children have much less in the options department but they will learn, in very short order, that the ministers in the church are no different than most of the people outside the church. When these children grow up they will be a very hard sell because they will have a very hard heart against God. As the people of God we must learn to act more like Jesus or we must get out of the way. Matthew 18:6.