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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The Condition of Christianity
... I have been working the forums now for about 11 years and have been used of God in a powerful way all over the world. In the US I am instructed that the church average 3.5 professions of faith per year and because I have submitted to God's will (kicking and screaming at first) God has used me to lead such folks as a senior Wiccan to the foot of the cross that resulted in her son's and husband's salvation experience also. As I have watched person after person giving their lives over to the LORD I am simply speechless as entire Churches seek to follow people like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen.
... Now, I'll get into some trouble here but the truth is just that. When I speak of the
Church I do not mean the building where you go to Worship Service on Sunday, no, you and I are the Church that our LORD is returning for. Not only that, I am a Baptist and this will upset some of you but He isn't coming back for the Baptists. The LORD will return on that cloud and He will take the Christian that has devoted his and her life to Him. It is my firm belief that if the rapture is on Saturday that there will be little difference in the assembly the next morning. I know that I will receive many replies to that statement that will be upset with me but the truth is that our LORD told us that we will know the faithful by their fruit. So just consider, how many of your friends read the scriptures daily for any reason other than bragging rights?
... Recently there is a resurgence of Homosexual activism that does not even come from the San Francisco style activists, it comes from within the church. Today I read an article published by The Berean Watchmen that was a confirmation of a previous article on homosexuality. As per the previous article, it was inferred, we should not be looking at the lifestyle the homosexual lives because it is none of the Church's business.
... In Canada, our neighbor to the north, it is illegal to teach what the Bible has to say about the act of homosexuality. My understanding of the matter is that they have already placed a preacher in prison for preaching on the subject. I did not save the number nor the name of the bill but here in the US the sister bill is being readied for our churches and Pastors.
... And now we have a new President and Vice-President that each and every one of us has the responsibility to pray for God to lead and to influence and I not only hear folks refusing to pray for the man that I, also, did not vote for but it is painfully obvious that even though, as children of the Most High God, we are commanded to pray for them, we are not. (1 Tim. 2:1-4) How, you might ask, can I be sure that we, the Christian community, are being disobedient? There is the overhearing of voices in church and there is the obvious hate on the forums, from the Christian Community. And then there is the SENATE BILL S. 2433, that is quietly being passed through the Senate after being sponsored by the President and his VP. No one knows and no one in the church is studying this bill that will pass because God has been kicked out of America and this bill will cost us our sovereignty as a nation.
... Will you read 2 Chro. 7:14 and join me as I pray for this to fail because God had His way?