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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Justifing Sin

... It has become a very popular tactic today to compare one person's sin with anothers in order to justify our sinful condition. Because I do most of my work for the LORD in the public arena, on the web, I am often hit with questions such as, "Why do you treat the Homosexual differently than the Adulterer?" And of course, since there is no status difference between the two, I always respond with, "I do not, they are both condemned to Hell if they fail to repent and come to seek salvation."
... It would seem that even the lost man of the world knows a good deal of what the Ten Commandments have to say and with the exposure that Exodus 20 has received in days gone by that is not surprising. What, though not surprising, is distressing, is this, my sin is no worse than your sin attitude. When we look at our Bibles we learn that all sin is capable of sending us to the eternal death.
... With the Westborough Baptist/Fred Phelp's hate movement for the Homosexual, Christianity has received a very prominent black eye. We, as Christians, must not learn to compromise with sin and yet, at the same moment in time, we must continue to love the sinner. (2Pet. 3:9 and 1Jon. 4:8,9) Our assignment, as Ambassadors for Christ is to be the reflection of the Christ in our world today, so that the sinner, no matter which verity, is not afraid to approach us in honesty and to seek God with our help. There is a great deal of godly wisdom that is required to pursue this endeavor, whether the sinner be a homosexual or a bank robber. And refusing to allow one of them acces to God while accomidating the other cannot be allowed.
... We also must not allow sin to run unchecked in our churches. The letters to the Seven Churches in the Revelation illustrate that truth, God is watching our deeds and He knows our hearts. Some churches have become so "Seeker Friendly" that sin permeates the assembly and there is no difference inside the walls than there is outside.
... The bottom line is this, "We are called to be a peculiar people and to live differently than the world." Many is the man that will tell you that the The Commandments are of no importance today because we are under the New Covenant but I will ask you to study all of God's Word because God has given us a ruler to measure our sin against and the best short standard to use is the Ten Commandments. I am not telling anyone to keep them, I can't, I failed long before I became a Christian. I am telling you to measure yourself against God's Standard and to know yourself. Then, knowing yourself, go forward, seeking the council of the many, in the Church, and draw the lost to you that they, also, might repent and come to the foot of the cross and live the new life that God gives to us. There is no greater thing for any person to accomplish than to lead a lost person to eternal security through the Salvation offered by Jesus' death on the cross.