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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Debunking Evolution

... There seems to be a great deal of misdirected concentration from both, within and outside of the Church today. The Theory of Evolution, as presented by Darwin and now as modified by the sellers of dreams today. The Dream Sellers have renamed the ability to physically adapt to our surroundings from Adaptation to Micro-Evolution. The rather logical extension of this is that what we have always known as Evolution is now renamed Macro-Evolution. I have found, nor can I imagine, no other reason for the change in terminology other than they hope to make the lie easier to sell to the uninformed.

... One of the largest problems with the selling of Evolutionary Creation is that it must fly in the face of what God has said to us and God has said in Genesis that everything produces after it's kind. For any form of evolution to stand, God must either not know of what He speaks or God has sinned and told a lie and sinned. Both of these thoughts are an attempt to make God into the image of man and that is a lie, in either case.

... If a person will simply look around themselves they will know that evolution is simply not true. Neither man nor any of the animals show any signs of advancing but are instead in a state of decline. The human race alone is not as healthy as it was just fifty years ago and just as the scriptures have foretold there are new diseases attacking us that have never been known in times past.

... There has always been and there will always be only one salvation for mankind and that is Jesus, the Christ, and there will never be another.