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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why I have learned to avoid Windows

... I used to test Beta software for Microsoft but in doing so I was always displeased with the condition they would release their new software in. There were always bugs that were being worked on, at least I would hope they did not ignore the reports from the testers, and still the programs would go on sale. One program Iwas very happy I tested was Windows One Care, as a result of running it alongside my normal, free, maintainence software I knew before hand that it was a dismal flop. I then began to question the eforts of the MS Team and they released Windows Vista, which I immediately went along with the techs at ZD Net and called it Windows 95+12.
... I was, at that time, the member of a Christian Forum where a Linux Convert posted, proclaiming the attributes of the Ubuntu release of Linux. Being my normally cautious self I began to research this idea while several other Christian users switched and also proclaimed the wonders of Ubuntu, There was even a Christian Edition that was, apparently being worked on by Missionaries on the ground. The more I researched and asked questions the more I was impressed. This system, as it was then, was made to do everything the Windows Vista system had claimed to be ready to do when it was released and it was virtually impregnable to viruses and mal-ware was not a problem at all.
... After about four months research I finally downloaded the free image file of the Live CD and burned it to disk. After two days of intense testing I was so impressed I loaded it onto my Windows Computer and had a dual boot system set up for me automatically. I loved the system so much that I never booted Windows again because with my downloading a program called "wine," all my required Windows programs run as native on the Ubuntu system. The only fault I found in the system turned out to not be a fault at all. I installed the e-Sword Bible program, written, only for Windows and was finding that several dll files must be downloaded and placed into the proper file, That was fine for a nerd like myself but was not going to be possible for most of my friends. The solution was there the entire time and all I had to do was to ask on the twenty-four hour support forumm and I was introduced to "esword4linux." This nifty little program installs all the required files into the proper directories and provides the user with a point and click Application that will download and install every bible version, commentary, maps and all theb rest of the options that are available, all free of charge.
... By this time everyone knows that Bill Gates and crew are multi-billionaires and we have all noticed that the new Windows programs just continue to increase in cost, so what does this, Ubuntu, cost? First, let me tell you that there are well over four thousand programs available for this system that do everything that Windows programs do and that is just the free ones. The system, it's the same price and you are free to install it on as many computers as you might choose. You are free t0 go to and pay about 40 dollars for a disk, you can have someone like myself burn you a legal copy for ten dollars or you can downl;oad the image and make your own disk.