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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

... I was very proud of the Old Fox today as he blew my socks off with his Vice Presidential nomination. On various boards I have seen unsubstantiated lies spread concerning John McCain's Christianity, claiming the lack of it and I knowing that he is respected by his captures as well as by the men he served with in the Hanoi Hilton have been unable to sit still and just watch folks slander a true American Hero that way. The Honorable Senator John McCain was held prisoner for almost six full years while he was tortured and watched some of his friends murdered by the North Vietnamese guards.

... People like myself respect Lt. Comm. McCain because he exhibited the highest honor during his capture, setting men's broken arms with sticks and dirty rags while he, himself was being tortured. His guards respect him because he never showed a sign of breaking. I will not, presume, to tell you that he never considered taking the easy way out, I was never in Hanoi and I considered eating the barrel of my side arm to end the constant uncertainty of when they would kill me and I was just being shot at every day. When I grew up my stepfather was in the Airforce and we were forever building plastic models of Fighter Planes and I built rubber band powered paper and balsa aircraft. All I ever wanted to do was to fly a fighter but not off a postage stamp! When I was in Vietnam I once had the honor of landing on a Carrier in my Helicopter, no mean feat at all. As we approached at 100 knots it looked incredably small out there in the water. Before that time I always respected any man that would put a super-sonic aircraft down on that tossing and yawing surface while being in-bound at that speed but after that day they held my highest regard for thier intestenal fortitude (just plain guts.)
... My friends and I respect John McCain for any number of reasons. It is very likely that he flew some of the missions that covered our landings and takeoffs when we were pulling some group of Infantrymen out of a particularly bad situation and I will never cease to remember how the machine guns would fall silent when the Navy and the Airforce Fighters would roll hot on them as we landed. God bless John McCain and every other nut that has no better sense than to swoop down out of the sky, where they are safe, and get down inside the trees with an aircraft that should never be in any kind of a hole and do the work they did for us.
... Now, Sarah! I'd never heard of her before today, after all, I live in Texas and we will never forgive the Alaskans for stealing our Thunder. This young, and good-looking, Goveror of Alaska never proclaimed her religion and yet, before the Liberal Democratic Media cut her speach short I knew she was a child of God. She spoke of "a servants heart" and she and her husband refused to abort their new son even though they knew that he would be born with Downs Syndrom. I have done some research on this Washington Outsider and I urge everyone to do the same, she's quite a lady.