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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where Will You Stand?

Where will You Stand?
Joh 15:18 If the world hateth you, ye know that it hath hated me before it hated you.
The verse quote is from the ASV.

This week my class will be a study on A Hill On Which To Stand. In class, we will use 1 Kings 18:20-21, 37-39, 19:1-3a &13b-18. I have included the above passage because it fits so very well.

Recently I have posted other articles that are, sometimes, hard teachings and some of the time, basic, but against the human nature and always, as expected, there are a number that rebuke me from one position or another. If a man, or a woman, will turn their life over to the calling of the Holy Spirit they will be rebuked and will need to learn to discern Spirit led from Satanic led rebukes. And, always, remember that the Satanic led are fooled and are not, usually, aware that the spirit leading them is not the Holy Spirit.

I have repeatedly seen people that are assuring me or another teacher that they have received a revelation from the HS that supersedes the Bible. First of all, the Holy Spirit is not HS!
God, all three persons, must be revered and never treated casually. I am always rebuked for being to Legalistic for statements like this one and for telling folks that God is spelled with a capital g and never the lower case. I am often assured, by others that these repetitive misspellings are just a typo but I tell you that if I write god and then I write God in the next sentence I have committed two errors and both, in the case here, are sins against God! I have indeed made a typo on the first spelling and that is an accidental sin and not proof reading my text before posting the error is a sin of omission! But, if I use the lower case when speaking of the god or gods of this world and repetitively spell the name of God with the same lower case... it is not a typo! That is disrespect, intentional or forgetful, of God and does not bring a twinkle to the eye of God!

Before you get upset with me, read John 1:1-5! Jesus is the same unchanging God of the Old Testament, Malachi 3:6, that killed all of Achan's family, Joshua 7:1-20, for Achan's sin against God. God, Jesus, even killed Achan's children and God punished the entire nation for this sin, before Israel knew of it at the Battle of Ai. God is forgiving, He always has been, but when, if not today, will you ask for forgiveness and repent of your sin? The longer you dwell in any sin, the more stiff necked you become. And, until you ask for forgiveness, in repentence God does not forgive.

Like Joshua, I and my family have staked out our hill to stand on, we are going to serve and to worship
God every day of what's left of our lives in every manor we can muster. In Matthew 7:23 we find Jesus telling those in the second resurrection that He never knew them, even though they did works in His name and for Him. I tell you the truth, God will not be taken lightly! He also said that if we love Him, we will keep His commands. Are you serving your Master or are you serving god?