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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Triune God

The Bible is the Living Word of God. On a personal level, how does one deal with and explain that? It is really, quite simple. Each successive time that I have read through the scriptures and prayed for God to teach e what He would have for me to learn, I have received new revelations of the workings, the nature of God and what He wants from His creation. Although I have been reading through and studying the Holy Scriptures for the past nineteen years, it is still the most exciting book I have ever read... each time I read it.

Recently, I have been attacked for teaching of the Triune nature of God, the three persons being God, the Father, God, the Son and God, the Holy Spirit. These are the three "persons” of the One God Head. I will not lie to anyone and pretend to be able to explain all the intricate inner workings of the One God, manifested in three persons, it's not a requirement. What is required is exactly what I have done with the teaching of scripture. I have not just believed it to be the truth, I base a great part of my very existence on the "fact” that it is truth that I will understand better on the other side of this lie.
For me, it is the absolute truth!

How can I arrive at such a conclusion?
Plural Godhead...Gen.1:26 & 3:22
Threefold benediction...Num. 6:24-26
Father and Son (Old Testament)...Pro. 30:2-4
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord...Isa. 6:3
God and the Holy Spirit...Isa. 48:16
Trinity in one verse...Matt. 28:19
Oneness of Jesus and God...John 12:44-45 & 15:26-27
The Christ's Trinitarian teaching...John 14:24-31 & 15:26-27
Trinitarian benediction... 2Cor. 13:14
The Christ, God and the Holy Spirit...Eph. 2:22
Fullness of Deity...Col. 2:9-10
Spiritual function of the Father and the Son...2Thes. 3:5
Three, who bear record...1John 5:6-8
(copied from the book, "Where To Find It In The Bible."

This is by no means an all inclusive study of the subject but it is enough to see the truth!