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Thursday, January 20, 2011


There is a huge area of misunderstanding in the Christian Community today and it keeps tens of thousands from either being saved or moving on with their life without Christ. Repeatedly I have been informed that a person is not God's or not Jesus' Bond-servant. I suppose a good deal of this has to do with our modern day misunderstanding of slavery but the moment you call or name Jesus your Lord you have admitted to having a master. One cannot have a master without being owned and if you are owned, you are some form of a slave.

Being a slave or a bond-servant of God's is best compared to being your father's son or daughter. Many, when they object, use the argument that they are a son or a daughter of God but that they are nobodies slave and this, simply can never be. Some parents are not so good in their parenting and never are really in control of the rearing of their children but the truth is that the Godly Father and mother are the rulers of the house.

When I was a lad my dad had certain duties that were mine, just for living there. Other tasks I was rewarded for, if I was mindful to perform them and dad did not have to remind me to do them, otherwise, I still did them but with no pay for the job. I was the bond-servant of my mom and my dad. My sisters had similar but different duties to take care of. Where I carried out the trash, fed, bathed and walked the dog, free, they washed the dishes. They got paid for washing the tub, doing the laundry and other tasks and I was paid for cleaning the car, gutters and other tasks but all of these had to be accomplished without reminder and on time.

I have given these duties of ours for an example of servitude, not to show you that God has a list of duties for you, that is between you and your Lord. Just make no mistake, you have a Lord and it is either God or it is Satan! The choice of who it is is yours but you cannot decide not to have a Lord, none of us are that powerful!

It's unusual for me but you might and you certainly should notice that I have not picked out a passage of scripture to launch this message. That is because I'm using the whole of the scriptures for the textual reference. If you have never read the scriptures through, as if it were any other book, I encourage you to do so. If you have not read the Bible through in the past year or two, I encourage you to begin and if you have read the Bible through, using one of the year long plans where you read these Old Testament Scriptures and this one New Testament scripture each day, I'm asking you to read it in my favorite manor, from front to the back. Read in this fashion, the Bible is a story of love, war, life, death and adventure that makes Indiana Jones look childish.

God bless and happy reading.