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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Will You?

The Christian of today lives in one of the two most exciting time periods of the world, up to this time. I'm sure that the time of the disciples was an exciting time, they walked with and were taught by the living God in the flesh of Jesus. After the LORD had ascended to the Father they were stalked and killed because of their teaching. Having been a soldier on the field of combat, I know the adrenalin rush of near fatal escapes and I would believe that many of them knew the rush of escape also.

As Christian followers of the LORD today we have some choices to make and I feel that we will make them very soon. If we have kept abreast of the World News we know that in the South of Sudan there are hundreds and some days thousands of Christian men murdered every day and their wives and children are sold into slavery by the Muslims of that country. Many American Muslims will cry out that they are different from these Radical Muslim Sects but there is a very open problem with that statement. The men killing these folks and making slaves are government sanctioned troops and, of course, nothing is done to stop them.

These same people hold the lying, murdering, pedophile, Muhammad up as the most excellent example of what a man should be. No, not just the troops following Osama and no, not just the ones murdering Christians and Osama's troops, every Muslim holds their Prophet to be greater than Jesus. Added to that threat are the laws being passed by the legislators that are serving our safety and good will? The Congress and the Senate have added to the law that protects us from Domestic Terrorists such as the KKK and the American Neo-Nazi Party that now makes Christians that teach that homosexuality to be sin are just as dangerous.

The wheat and the chaff will soon be separated and I feel that our LORD will appear atop that cloud at any time now. Some will say, “But, what about the great falling away?” Others will ask, “What about the final Awaking, the final Great Revival?” I suggest to you, look at Europe and the US, church buildings are being abandoned and those not abandoned are being bombed, the great falling away is all about us. And the final Great Revival, the final Awakening, There are thousands being saved in Asia and Central America... every day!

What do I suggest? Today is a great day to plan what you will answer when you are confronted about your belief. Will you deny Him and live? Or will you profess His name and gain eternal life? It is going to be a very tough choice for those that have not planed.