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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Are Heaven And Paradise the Same?

... John 10:7-9 In this passage and other gospel references Jesus states the case clearly that He is the gate into Heaven. Read the four Gospels carefully and it is quite clear that that nobody has ever, nor will anyone ever, entered into Heaven except they come through Jesus. In the Gospels we also find the story of Lazarus, covered with sores with no-one but the dogs that licked his wounds, to care for him. We find Lazarus in Abraham's Buxom, a.k.a. Paradise, and the rich man, not in Hell (he has not yet been judged) but in a place of torment.
... Going deeper into this matter, Jesus, in the four Gospel Accounts, makes it clear that He is not just some way or a way to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven but He makes it clear that He is the way, the only way, to enter into Heaven.
... We are left with all those Old Testament saints, Moses, Abraham, Israel/Jacob and on and on that looked forward to the coming of Messiah but had not seen Him and could not enter into the presence of God until they had. Matt. 27:52 through v:54 is seldom preached but it is an important passage and it is felt by this lay teacher that it bears on this subject.
... It has been and short of the pastors and the men on the mission field that will receive this posting, that these dead people running through the streets of the Holy City are the just released, by Jesus, Old Testament saints. It is taught, in many circles that Jesus descended into Hell for three days but the only place I have ever found that statement is in the Christian Creeds of old and I have, to this point, failed to see the idea supported by scripture.
... So, the short answer to the question, "Are Heaven and Paradise the same place," is no.