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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Is Sin?

... As Christians we are large on taking note of the Ten Commandments that Moses brought down from his meeting with God and the Jewish believer includes the other 603 laws given to Moses by God. As Paul points out in the epistles, the Law is our teacher and most of just gloss right over that and never meditate on it.
... The Law, in it's entirety, reveals 613 different views of that little three letter word, sin. The short answer is that sin is disobedience to God but the long and proper answer is one that teacher and the preacher do not have time to teach on a Sunday Morning nor a Sunday Evening. The problem is that we have all been taught that the scriptures are worthy to be studied and taught (2Tim. 3:16) but the assembly halls of the Christian faith have filled up with members of the world and rather than to study to show themselves approved (2Tim. 2:15), they are Pew Whales, hoping to purchase some Fire Insurance ad there-by escape the Great White Throne Judgment.
... There really is not a good short answer for the question, "What is sin?" Like a fine cut stone, there are many facets to the answer.