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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Has the Christian World reached the tipping point? Since mid-nineteen-sixty-four I have warned people of the danger the Christian and every Lost Man is facing, right now and have been, until, recently, considered and sometimes called an idiot. But we have been watching the beginning of the war I, both, as a Lost Man and as a Christian have been warning the world of it's approach.
The House of Saudi has financed this war since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and it is one of our most important allies? Mr. Barack Hussein Obama did not start this relationship but is he a product thereof? The King of Saudi Arabia, in the mid-eighties and I do not recall the exact year, promised the Sunni World there would be a Sunni Islamic President of the US in 2008 and in '08 a young man win no credentials but with seeming unlimited funding, raised, at least until he was 12, as a Sunni Islamist, was elected.

Since the attack on NYC, the World Trade Center, we, both the World and the US, should have been aware that a declaration of has existed against us. In the seventh and eighth centuries Islam was what we see growing in the Caliphate in the Middle East now. Shame on us for intentional stupidity, we, as a people, hate history. And Mrs C. C. Allen, teacher of Charles (Chuck) Swindol and of Bill Taylor, began each year with one statement of truth, "He that will not learn from history is doomed to relive the errors of the past."

This week the wake up clarion has sounded in Europe and being to sick for Church today I watch and in Paris the leaders of the Free World are the front line of the World Unification movement, guess who is not present? Will the people of the US of A finally wake up?
Bill Taylor
Killer Spade 806 CE