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Friday, July 30, 2010

XP Notice

While it will not kill your computer it is worthy to note that the support for Windoze XP from MS has, officially, been pulled. In a Tech Paper from ZD Net I learned that, while MS had promised to support XP until the summer of 2014 but they lied! What this means to you is that the system will no longer receive security updates and thereby become more and more vulnerable to new viruses, trojans and worms.

For those of you that are smart enough to avoid the dangers built into vista and 7 but would like to continue running your XP and still be safe, there is, indeed, a manner to accomplish this. You can download a free Live CD image called Ubuntu 10.04 from and use the Burn Image to CD function of your cd burning software to produce a Live CD.

Then you can install Ubuntu and you have two methods to choose from. You can automatically duel boot the systems or you can use the entire disk for Ubuntu and then install XP inside Ubuntu. If you have the XP CD the second method is to be preferred.

If you select my preference you will have the ability to permentantly keep your XP free of viral problems. You’ll need to install the VirtualBox, available free from the repository with just a point and click or you can browse to and download the latest version, also free, and have USB support. (I’m betting that you already know which one I’m running.)
Now you can, intuitively create a Virtual Hard Disk and install windows. Activate it and never touch the Internet with windows again. After you have installed the Windoze and start it running you will be immensely dissatisfied so look at the top of the window frame holding Xp and click on devises. Now click on Install Guest Additions… After they are installed you will discover that you now have seamless mouse integration and if you will look for the Window expand button at the top right, if you have not yet chosen to go to the Windows left config, and on clicking it your window will not only maximize, sowill your Windoze screen.

Now install your Windoze apps and live happily, ever after.