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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Word From God

I remember back in 1973 that there was a great out pouring of humanity from the Christian Community and while the news media didn't do much to help the cause they did report it. Today there are more than forty-nine and a half babies that have been murdered by various means of dismemberment and solutions injected into the womb to burn the baby to death, all in the name of convenience and pleasure without responsibility. But hardly a whimper is heard from our news sources today.

Te greatest tragedy in Human History is in full swing and nobody seems to even notice! Just consider for a moment... the better than forty-nine million American babies are only the tip of the iceberg. I've never seen any numbers on the infanticide we have exported to the Third World countries and then there is Europe and Asia. Why, in China, the best way to die is to be born a girl. And still we plod along, every day, and never take notice of the thousands of children that are being exterminated. Why a roach in my house has a better chance of survival than millions upon millions of infants have had, they couldn't even run from their exterminator.

I just finished Jeremiah and the book of Lamentations this week and it would do all of us good to read through those two books. One of the things God points out is that He is punishing Israel and Judah worse than he does the other nations because they are His people and they turned their backs on Him and His justice. Sounds remarkably familiar, doesn't it?

In all the past nineteen-plus past years of study the closest I've been able to find scriptures to relate to my beloved country are the prophecies about Edom. The single chapter book of Obidiah is all about Edom. If we search the scriptures we find more in the different prophets but the one thing I've never found is a good report to focus on. J.R. Church is responsible for me making the Edom/US connection in my early Christian years but once it was pointed out I just cannot shake the connection.

With a little study of scripture and of some extra-biblical history we see that both Edom and Rome, for a national symbol had an Eagle making it's nest in the stars... so do we. Studying history we see that the prophetic end of Edom also happened to Rome. Having worked for the Japanese and alongside German exporters I am very conscious of the rape being perpetuated on the US, very much the same as we did to them after World War II. There's that Obadiah connection again.

I often find myself reading the events of the day/week in the Jerusalem Post, on line, and I'm just dumbfounded at the daily fulfillment of prophetic events and the denial of the truth by the people of the world, more astoundingly by God's own people in Israel and the US. The US is at war with the Nation of Islam and yet we are preparing to withdraw and at the same time we are spending millions of American tax dollars to import Palestinian Terrorists. We have elected a president that nobody can prove to be an American citizen but I must give him credit where credit is due. He never defined what change he was promoting but he is bringing about great and devastating change.

Am I upset? About the babies, yes! About the president and the change he is implementing, nope! As devastating as this message might seem to some, I'm rejoicing. One way or another, I'll soon be in Heaven. In the mean time I have a request to make to my fellow Christians. In 2Chron. 7:14 God made a promise to His people. He did not ask the lost man to pray He asked me and you, the people that are called by His name.

Are you going to be counted faithful?