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Thursday, June 24, 2010


There is a reoccurring argument that is falsely used by the lost man of the world today against the Christian Community of believers. That is that we use circular logic to arrive at our conclusions and hidden in this statement is the lie that they do not! These false teachers would have everyone to believe that outside of the Bible, there is no reason to believe that Yahweh, God, exists and nothing could be farther from the truth.

There is a book that intimidates Christian and lost man alike, the Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics. The price is not even a problem if we look for it on line we find a copy at for $26.08 at the writing of this article. This work, by Norman Giesler, is the result of forty years of research, on his part. Included is possibly, every extra-biblical reference, available, at this time, to events occurring in the scriptures. There is even documentation for the three hours of night, in the middle of the day, when Jesus was crucified.

The known world, at that time was Europe, Africa and Asia Minor. Both Greek and Roman historians, not present in Israel, recorded the three hour without the Sun making it a "known” world event and not a local event. But I digress!

On the other hand, the believers in Evolution and the Big Bang do exactly what they accuse us of doing. They use their text books to prove that these theories, now remember, please, these are just theories, are the method of creation for the universe and mankind. (Please reread that last sentence slowwwlllyyy! There is no, and I say it with emphasis, no conclusive proof for evolution having ever occurred. What is spoon fed to our young people, as evidence, are examples of fish, butterflies and others adapting to their environment. The Blind Fish is still a fish, he or she just lives in utter dark and does not meed eyes any longer. In the same manor butterflies have demonstrated their ability to adapt to their environment by changing colors, lizards do that every day, here in SE Texas.

And so goes the myth that if man evolved, the universe had it's own origin, independent of God, pure unadulterated Hog Wash! That "belief?” defies everything known in the scientific realm. If you begin with nothing, no matter what you do to it, it remains, nothing. Matter, condensed or expanded, has an origin, God did it!

Christian, get up off your rear end and stand for God!

Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and all the rest of you, study, we will miss you in Heaven if you follow the lies you have chosen.