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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is The Bible Trust Worthy?

... Recently, a string was opened on a forum that I frequent asking, "Who wrote the Bible." The forum has a history of Fundamental Christianity and when the lady that asked this question first appeared her very first post proclaimed "The Perfect Bible For Young Girls." This "perfect" Bible, it turns out, makes God to be of no gender and as you might expect a number of regulars, including the moderators, took exception to the idea.
.,. No-one, including myself, believes that God is, in the sense of humanity, male or female. However there is a promise of condemnation in Revelation 22:18,19 that applies to The Book of the Revelation that should give every human reason to pause when they teach the Bible, any verse, from any book of the Bible. I. for one, do t wish to ever teach errant ideology as theology from the scriptures.
... God has such limitless power that He spoke and the Universe lept into being. This same being, God, inspired about forty men to write the Bible and in doing so He, for our understanding, portrayed Himself as our Heavenly father, a strong, trust-worthy male image.
... Now, before the imaginations run off into the woods, there is no reason what-so-ever to expect to see God's wife when we ascend into Heaven. All of the information and evidence speaks to the exact opposite being true. In Luke 20:33 we find the story of the woman that, because of Jewish custom and tradition, had been the wife of seven brothers and when Jesus replied He cut the chase and went directly to the point and informed the folks asking that there would be no married life in Heaven. In other words, just like the angels, no sexual activity.
... Now, let's get out of this brier patch and stop chasing that rabbit. Christianity, first and foremost, requires faith. If we have the faith to believe that God created the universe and made mankind the crown jewel of that creation why in the world would we ever doubt that the Bible, inspired by God was less than accurate? The world, of course, is full of people of this opinion but this mistaken ideology has no place in the Body of Christ today, tomorrow and it had no place there in the past.
... As a Christian, a follower of the Christ, it is my purpose to speak the truth and to stand against these errant teachings. As a follower of the Christ, it is also your assignment. (Matt. 28:18,19 & 20)