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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

God's People and The Lost Man

... There are many types of Christians today and there are quite a few different types of seekers in this day. As I have read and understood from my studies in God's Word, our LORD seeks after a man, who like David, seeks after the heart of God. Such a man will be regarded as a peculiar man just as David was in his time. When we examine the men that God has used throughout history, as recorded in the scriptures, we find that God has used men that did not question God. Indeed, the men God has used were men that, on hearing from God, walked away from everything they knew to be secure and safe and they walked into unknown lands, sometimes certain death but they followed God and God used them to perform great feats.

... Today I am often called a fool for believing exactly what God has had preserved for us in the Book of Genesis and all I know to do is to pray for these people, most of them report themselves to be Christian but does God? I don't know but their inability to believe concerns me. I stand in full view of the world as being guilty of having believed every word of the Book of Genesis as fact. These people regard the creation story, at the beginning of Genesis as a metaphor and not as the facts.

... Now, please be certain that some portions of scripture are written metaphorically and we must always read the scriptures carefully, prayerfully and we must meditate upon them constantly but in the Book of Genesis I can find no reason to believe that the theory of evolution nor the theory of the, completely, unscientific big bang should ever bear any weight what-so-ever on the interpretation of the Creation Story, as told my LORD.

... So what does it mean when I report that there are many types of Christians? Today, in America, better than eighty per cent of the people claim to be Christian. Some because they were born to a Christian mom and dad, even though they have nt set a foot into a church for as long as thirty or more years. Some name the name of Christ because their name can be found on he membership listing of a church near their home. Still others claim the Christian title for hundreds of other reasons that matter not to God, so what is a real Christian?

... The real Christian has a duel citizenship and the fact that they are citizens of Heaven bears on every decision they make as they live this life on earth. A real Christian is a servant to the Monarch I Heaven first and forever. A real Christian understands that he is considered a little strange because he or she can believe every word that has and will proceed out of the mouth of God. While there is a stigma attached to following God, the Christian just does not count it worthy on his concern. God has called us to be His people and if we belong to Him we will not meld into the general population. Incidentally, neither will we be overtly abrasive to the people of this world, we are called to be the example to them and not to run around grinding against them.

... In the beginning of this note I also mentioned that seekers are a mixed lot and that bears some explanation. There are a few that have taken the time to address their situation in the manor required by God, they have read some of the scripture and have realized that they are without hope as long as they do not have God for their Master. God will, every time, reveal Himself to these people so that they can make a decision to follow or not to follow Him. Then, on the other hand we have the seeker that is demanding that God reveal Himself and I've yet to see one of them find God.

... Let's dig into that for just a moment. God is not the ruler of Heaven because He was elected by the popular vote. God did not even ascend to power by military campaign nor did He arrive as the King by clever manipulation. You see, God is the reason that everything works the way it does. Without God we would not be, period and until the unbeliever address' God I the manor required by God, God will not respond.