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Monday, July 27, 2009

Can the Bible be trusted?

I have oft been asked this question and just today answered it once more.

... I'm known as something of a stickler on what I'm about to say and that would be because I really am. There are many religions and religious factions and I will always teach that any of them are good for getting one into Hell. I am a Baptist by religion just as you were raised a Lutheran. The catch here is that there will be no Baptists and there'll be no Lutherans in Heaven. What we'll find in Heaven are Christians and a Christian, today, is a very convoluted term. A Christian, the ones that go to Heaven, are the few that have established an on going relationship with God.
... Why is that important to your question? The Christian is not only in an on going conversation with God but is indwelt with the Holy Spirit of God. (Jon 7:37-39) So you see, from the natural man's point of view, I must say that I do not know but from the Spirit driven man it is obvious to us that the words of the scriptures are the Word of God because the Spirit testifies of the truth of the Word to us.
... For the natural man, that has not completely surrendered his life to God, it would seem to me that there would be only one path to ever understanding the truth of God's Word, the same path that I took to get here. I first had to come to the understanding that God is. From that point forward God built my faith and has remained with me through everything.
... I am often confronted with the idea that the Bible has been translated and retranslated, over and over and for this reason can not be accurate. Being a person that has traveled the world I know the problems with languages and understand where this complaint comes from. There is just one problem with this idea and it is a monster problem. The God that inspired this book and the translation of it is the Immutable, Omnipotent God that spoke and the Universe sprung into being... from nothing. To believe that God can not keep His word secure from the secretaries He used to write it and from the translators He inspired to translate it into the languages is to believe in an impotent god that is no more powerful than the stone and wooden gods along the path in the gardens of Japan.
... I pray that this helps you to grow closer to God and that God will pour out a blessing you cannot contain because of your faith in Him.