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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stem Cell Research

... Recently I have been confronted with a group of people that I find to be very distressing. Although they do not see themselves as such, they are very immoral. Their beliefs cut a wide path accross society and they are gaining momentum at an incredible rate. Some of the people will object that I am placing them into one group but the truth is that we are all in the same group to some extent. We are, everyone of us, sinners. Some of us are in repentence, daily, and are doing our best to please God and on the other end of the spectrum are the God haters.
... Some will be offended that I have lumped them in with that "Bible thumping" bunch of Christians and others will protest that they are under God's grace and therefore, not at all like the bunch that harvests T-cells from the infants they just murdered. The truth of the matter is that God sees everyone of us in the same light as explained in Isa. 64:6.
... When you read this passage you will do well to remember what I have heard from a number of studied men, The rag spoken of here that resembles our righteousness is the rag used by a woman during her menstrual cycle before anything had been invented for this purpose. Without the imputed righteousness of the Christ, that is how filthy God sees us to be.
... And you wonder what in the world does that have to do with Stem Cell research. There are many in the church today that have arrived at different levels of acceptance of the harvesting of Infantile Stem Cells. Some are even Elders in the Church Government. Some almost justify and others do justify the abortions performed today to harvest those stem cells.
... Each of these people have gone through a process of being turned away from the Word of God and most of them have completed this cycle without even thinking about it. The very popular battle cry from the Abortion Clinics is that there is such promise in this research and Christians, without caution and mental exercise have begun to echo that call to battle.
... What is the truth then? Let's begin with the beggining and that is that God is omnipotent. Because He is God has the ability to bless anything He chooses to Bless and to condemn to failure anything He chooses nit ti bless.
... I have read, recently that therde are fifty or better success stories in the Stem Cell Research field and that one of them is in the trreatment of Diabetes. So what am I harping on the research about? None of the sucesses are the result of research completed on people using crops harvested from slaughtered infants. If we examine the situation closly, we find that this research does not lack for funding.
... The much hated Free Market is a truly wonderful thing to watch. Rich, money smart people are most often called greedy and while I remain away from that camp, in observing them I have noticed something about them that is important. If a thing, anything is discovered, they begin, right away, to acess it's value and it's potential value. If an item, such as Adult stem cell research, has value or contains the prospect o gaining value, they begin to invest their millions in the project because they see some sort of profit in the endeavor. If the case is one that has failed to show potential, such as Infantile Stem Cell Research, some will invest early on but when the endevor looses all promise of success, they withdraw and cut their losses.
... If we are ever to succed in the fielld of science we must discard emotion and operate solely on the basis of fact. The fact is that there has been no sucess from the murdering and the harvesting of babies and all we accomplish by doing so is to condemn ourselve into Hell.