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Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Know God Personally

How to know God Personally

... As a minister of the Gospel, ordained to this ministry by none other than God, Himself, I see one, ever present problem that is persistent, no matter the web site, the forum or the means of communication. I speak of knowing God on a personal level and as long as a person can hide behind a screen name or an assumed name at,,, or so on they want to know how to do that, to know God so intimately that they, like myself can speak to and be spoken to by God, the Creator. I will not draw a great deal on scripture for this message because it is obviously for the lost man, both inside and outside of the Church.

... First allow me to cross my own statement and draw on Hebrews 10:25 to reinforce this statement. We must become a part of the body, a.k.a. The Church, if we are called of God. The Church is not that building nor is any building required to house the Church. In the Hebrews passage we find that we are to with regularity, assemble ourselves together. As we read through the Bible we find that there are an almost limitless number of reasons for this activity but today I just want to tell you that we do this to Worship God, jointly, and so that we edify one another. For instance, I will never be able to teach you everything I know about God through an email once a month or so or through the postings on the bulletin boards that I work in my service to our Lord.

... Let me tell you right now that God has spoken to me in a still quiet “voice” once upon a time. Today He communicates his messages to me in a variety of manors. The first thing to understand is that you must make yourself available to God. When I met my wife I spent as much time in her company as I could possibly make for her. By doing this she came to know and to trust me and I came to know her likes and dislikes. If you are ever to come to the point that you love God and therefore know Him on a personal level you must make time in your life for Him, ever single day, for the rest of your life.

... When you turn your radio on what sort of music and speech comes out of the speaker? As I prepare this message, mine is on. I almost never change the station and right this moment some unknown man is singing about “someone is praying for me.” Throughout the course of the day there will be preachers delivering messages from God, Christian News programs and interviews with folks that are active, on the field, in some third world country. Just listening to my radio I here messages from God and often one of the singers or the preachers speak and it is an answer that the Holy Spirit applies straight to my heart. You can spend time with God by just turning on your radio, to the correct station.

... One of my most blessed experiences is the first six or seven times I read the Bible through. That took me 20 minutes or less each day for a year. I read three chapters, in sequence, a day for a year. It was during those days that I learned how much God loves me. My favorite book from those studies was and is the Book of Judges. I, a combat hardened veteran that once killed men with just the pull of my finger, am moved to tears every time I read the Book of Judges. From that single, short, volume I learned that God not only will but seeks to forgive us, no matter what the sin looks like to us. But there is one thing that is certain, if you never find the time to seek after God, the way you did your wife, husband, girl or boyfriend, you will never learn that God loves you that much.

... Must you always wait for God to answer you? No! One of many examples is once, when my wife was in for Day Surgery. I had taken some vacation time to be with her while she would be recovering. As I sat there in the Waiting Room I prayed and I asked God for His assurance that my precious Help Mate would be restored. I opened the Bible I had taken with me to no particular place and began to read. In the first sentence that I read, about mid-page in the first column I had my answer. I had God's assurance that He was on the Throne and in command of the situation. If you will be faithful to seek after God He is faithful.

... You see, there is no great secret to establishing a personal relationship with God. You learn to love Him and He is there, forever.