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Saturday, June 7, 2014

I am a combat veteran and when the residents of the Hanoi Hilton were brought home I was moved to tears.  This American Deserter that was traded for the worst possible detainees does no more than to make me want to spit somewhere!  And how in the name of Hell did he get promoted from am E2 Private to the E5 rank of Sergeant, the same rank as a 1960s Specialist or Spec. 5 the rank I exited with after eight year of service?

Bergdahl, according to some of the reports was on OP duty and some reports put him on Gate duty.  OP Duty places a soldier some predetermined distance from the outside line of defense.  On the Gate I somehow doubt, in the Army I served in the Gate was manned by the MPs and at even distance for crossfire we had Guard Posts where two men switched out at 2 hour intervals to sleep and to stand guard.  I tend to place him on OP duty where he is the first alarm to save his ?friends? lives and he left his weapon and ammo and just deserted.

Then the Pretender, seated in the Oval Office tries to present him as an American Hero after this squirrel deserts his post and declares himself a Jihad Warrior for Islam, suddenly he is a hero?  Mr. Obama promised he would change America... are you happy?