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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Intro to Revelations

The book of The Revelation of Jesus, the Christ is an essential book for any follower of the Christ to read, to understand as much as he or she possibly can and to consider and to meditate on what cannot, yet, be understood. My class at Church. The Grumpy Old Men´s Class has chosen to examine this book over, at least, the next 13 week period. My messages will likely be influenced by this study and I am hopeful that my prayer for my neighbor, Mark, to be attracted to attend over this period.

In the first chapter we find some interesting reading and food for thought. This book is largely ignored by the New Testament Christians of today because it so heavily refers to the Old Testament and it is written in the same fashion or manor as the tenth Chapter of Daniel. Some say that the book is written to and to record the events of the Church in John´s time and has no value for the Church today. It is true that it was important for the Church of the First Century but Jesus also clearly stated that the events of all the book were soon to occur.

One of the most divisive things in Christianity is that Time Table given in the Revelation of Jesus. I recently read, Heaven Is For Real, the story of a four year old Pastor´s son that died on the Operating Table for 3 minutes. In those three minutes He met his father´s Pops, who had died years before his birth, sat in Jesus´ lap, met God the Father and much more, proving my long held belief that there is no Heavenly relationship with our Time/Space Continuum! Jesus taught us that a day is like unto a thousand years (Psa. 90:4) causing us to consider, of necessity, our thinking of time.

As we study, learn and consider the truths we fiend in the scriptures we also notice that God seems to consider completion in relation to seven. My point here is that if a day is like unto a thousand years, the time from God´s Creation of the earth until the advent of the birth of Jesus is four days and it has been about two days since His Death on the cross and as all Christians know, Christ rules the last day before the Earth is consumed by fire and recreated for Heaven to descend and be found there.

Folks, blessed is the man or woman that studies this book and there is little to no time left to study with.