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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

God Is!

There is a mystery that should not be! From the time, just before, I became a Christian I have been aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life and when I teach that truth or when someone will ask me how I know that I am correct about this or that point of scripture and I tell them, “I know it because the Holy Spirit teaches me that it is this way,” I am hit with, Do not try to invoke the Holy Spirit on me,” or, “Don't you dare get holier than thou with me!” Folks “claiming the name of Christ for themselves” seem not to know the Spirit that, if saved, is resident in their very life from moment to moment. (John 14:16, chap. 15:26 and chap.16:7-15)

When I was a lost man I believed the Holy Spirit to be, just, another ghost story but for a person to claim the name of Christ and then to,not, know the Holy Spirit is illogical form, even, the World's point of view. When we have read Acts 2 one of two things exist in our lives, immediately! Either we know that the disciples were indwelt by the Holy Spirit or we do not believe the whole Word of God!

For those that do not believe the entire Bible to be the Word of God, I find them to be in dire straits. Omnipotence is one trait that belongs, only, to God. Our Omnipotent God is the Living God, the God with no beginning and with no end. God is so, unimaginably, powerful that He spoke and where there had been nothing, there suddenly was everything... the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, millions of stars, billions of planets, moons, stars... everything. Not only did He create everything... it is He that manipulates and holds it all in place! (Psalm 104) There is no-one like God!

But some believe that men have overridden the Will of God and have polluted the Word of God, the scriptures. Others believe that the Bible has been mistranslated by men. That would require that, either, God be strong and powerful enough to sustain the positioning of the planets, stars and moons but not be strong enough to prevent men from polluting His Word to us.

Some claiming the name of Christ have told me that the Word of God can be found in the Bible but not all of the Bible is the Word of God. This idea not only contradicts the Holy Spirit that in-fills me bu creates it's own set of problems. First John 1:1-3 cannot be true, were this heresy true but if this is true and the Holy Spirit of God does not in-fill and indwell the Saved man, who is qualified to stamp this or that portion as the Word of God and to void or ignore the rest? We, people, have already crucified God in the flesh, some two thousand years ago and if that is not true... all is useless, there can be no salvation!

The truth is that, except we believe, we cannot be saved! Also, the truth is that God is!