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Monday, May 31, 2010

Christianity Today

The Church of Jesus Christ is in a state of frightening decline today. There are a disturbing array of teachers, teaching everything from Universal Salvation all the way to and including the Basic Precepts to Salvation and the concept of following God, no matter what. I count myself as fortunate because My pastor teaches straight from the Bible, the whole Bible.

I find that in the world of Christendom today, that I am regarded as a strange worm. I completely believe in and live by accountability. I never post a message on the web that my pastor, a couple of Missionaries and some members of my church do not also receive in their email. Accountability is a vital tool for the prevention of future Jim Jones' and David Koresh's from growing out of the Fundamental Church.

The term fundamental has been so skewed by the media today that it is often viewed as reason for terror today, when nothing could be further from the truth in the Christian World. We work for our LORD for no other purpose than to keep folks from eternal suffering. The problem is that for a person to ascend into Heaven and thus avoid Hell, they must know the truth... all of it.

And after we have heard the truth, some of it hard for the world to hear we must decide that, no matter what, we will follow God. This is the single most obvious stumbling block in the world today. We do not get to customize Christianity to suit our tastes. It is very popular today to say that the death penalty is wrong because Jesus fulfilled the Law ad there-by abolished it but that is not true. Jesus said in Matthew 17 through 18 that not a single stroke of the pen would pass until all of the Law and the prophets had been fulfilled. The intent of the Law was to teach men what sin is and thereby produce men that would seek to live a Holy Life. That has not been the result as of this time and the prophecy of the Prophets is still being fulfilled.

So, are we under the Law? Absolutely not! So, we can ignore the Law? Absolutely not! The Law is the perfect illustration in words of God. And I believe the part that shocks so many people is that we are living in the Kingdom of God. I do not live my life preparing for the day I will live in the Kingdom. The day I turned from my sins (repentance) and made Jesus my Savior, my nae was written in The Book of Life, placing me in the Kingdom. I have not always succeeded but my goal from that day forward was to sin no more and there-by live for God and not for myself.

Jesus made it simple for us to obey the Law when He broke it all down into two commandments. (Matt. 22:36) But people do not understand simple! The death penalty is one good example of folks willfully disobeying God and thinking themselves more righteous for it. In Genesis 9:6 God sets a principal that because of His perfect immutability is never changed, we are to keep our land pure by executing certain people after they have performed certain sins against God. God, being a gracious God, will accept them into Heaven if they repent of their sin but that repentance must occur before they are put to death, other wise they will go to Hell.

Many argue that we have no right to put people to death and I will agree. However we have the responsibility to obey God and God has commanded that we keep our land clean of certain sins by use of the death penalty.