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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why do we sin?

... At Church, on Wednesday evenings, we are studying Christianity 101 and the course text is the Letter to the Romans. For a long time now I have taught that this letter of Paul's is the Christian's Manifesto. As this letter is studied one cannot help but to arrive at Romans 6:1-8 and the inevitable question must be asked, “If this is true, why do we still stumble into sin?”
... The reason is because we are still carrying that sinful dead man around until the time that we are translated into Heaven. Life example, ok? Before I was saved I often appeared on stage with my guitar in a Honky Tonk, I planned to sin before the sun came up the next morning. As a Christian, because I know the affect that whiskey has on me I do not enjoy that drink any longer and as soon as I was aware of being overcome by the Holy Spirit, I literally walked off the stage and took my guitar home, leaving my night's pay right where it was. I, no longer, had a heart for seeking after the things of the night.
... I was instructed by Pastor and Missionary Richard Clark that a very good illustration of this condition was a practice used by the Romans to punish murders in parts of their empire. When the offender was caught, in the act or very soon after, they bound the body of the murdered person to the back of the murderer and the only escape from this was for the corpse to rot off your back without the disease and rot killing you. In like manor, as a Christian, we carry the burden of who and what we were until we are translated into Heaven. Unlike the murdered Roman, our old man will not rot away but if we remain in the Word of God, we can defeat the influence of the old man on ourselves.